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MJ-Tech BV
Nieuwe Donk 5
4879 AC Etten-Leur
The Netherlands
0031 (0) 76 597 45 03

MJ-Tech BV

High-pressure fogsystems

Our core business is clearly specialized fogsystems; We design installations which create fog, which is necessary to control humidity and to create extra cooling. We are strongly represented in horticulture, industry and agriculture. Because of our knowledge and many years of experience, we are able to design customized installations. What makes us unique? We do have the expertise to the entire process; From concept, engineering, production to installing and commissioning.

Using the MJ-Tech fogging system as internal cooling allows the intensive livestock industry to cool in an optimal manner (without the animals getting wet). Our special MJ-Tech nozzles ensure water is atomized under high-pressure at the air inlet to the barn. The small fog-droplets will evaporate in the air causing the effect of adiabatic cooling. A central pumpunit supplies the piping system in the barn. This circuit of pipes is mounted above the air inlets or valves at the sides of the barn. The entire system is manufactured out of stainless steel.

Dutch Quality
Within our company quality is in every facet of the management and business particularly high. That is all about people and products; In order to have an optimal view, we are aware to keep all expertise “within the walls” of our own company. We design and produce everything ourselves, nothing will be subcontracted. In that process we only apply advanced machinery and high quality material; In our case only stainless steel. Quality is also the corporate social responsibility which we cherish, the ‘green’ ideas we pursue ánd especially the high level of service which is no exception but rule no. 1.

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