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Sanovo Technology Netherlands
Ambachtstraat 4
7122 MP Aalten
The Netherlands
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Sanovo Technology Netherlands

Innovative egg processing machines

Innovative egg handling machines

Robust, reliable, simple and user-friendly. These are the trademarks of the machines produced by  SANOVO Technology Group. After all, the client’s packers and sorters must never come to an unwanted standstill. But one can conquer the world with machines that operate according to your wishes. SANOVO does so since 1956. Today the machine capacities exceed 200,000 eggs per hour. This applies to the sorting as well as the breaking of eggs. Due to these high capacities, automation plays an important role in integrated egg quality monitoring systems and product handling. As a turnkey supplier, the SANOVO Technology Group covers every aspect of the set-up of an egg-handling operation – ranging from engineering and installation to training local staff.

International know-how

The SANOVO Technology Group originated as a Danish family business with activities in many sectors. The SANOVO Technology Group specialises in all different types of egg processing: ranging from packing eggs on farms, sorting eggs by weight in packing stations, to the complete automation of the associated logistics flows. SANOVO is a global market leader in breaking eggs and processing the egg white and egg yolk into egg powders for major industries in the food sector.

Competence and craftsmanship

As a global player, SANOVO Technology Group operates competence centres that bundle all required knowhow. All mechanical, electrical and software knowledge required to develop and manufacture egg sorting and packing machines is centralised in the Netherlands. More than 95% of the egg-processing machines manufactured by SANOVO Technology Group are destined for export. In the training centre in Aalten, clients and technicians from all over the world are trained in a range of functions, including operation and maintenance. To accommodate clients to the greatest possible extend, SANOVO Technology Group operates a customer helpdesk 24 hours per day.

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