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Verbeek's Hatchery and Rearing
Kauwenhoven 3
6741 PW Lunteren
The Netherlands
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Verbeek's Hatchery and Rearing

The best laying hen for every poultry farmer

The secret of success for poultry farmers? Healthy day old chicks and laying hens, as uniform as possible and ready to grow and to produce. The better the performance of the laying hens, the better the quality of the eggs, the higher the profit. That is why poultry farmers need laying hens that fit to their business operations, breeded and reared by Verbeek’s Hatchery and Rearing.

Novogen hens: the base for quality

Verbeek’s Hatchery and Rearing breeds for every poultry farmers the right laying hen. With the breeds of Novogen, a breeding company of Groupe Grimaud, Verbeek can meet the competition.

The NOVOGEN products show very good and competitive technical results and especially on behaviour have a clear added value. With the upcoming ban on beak trimming the NOVOGEN products can make a great contribution to the industry to meet the challenge of managing layers with untreated beaks.

The fact that NOVOGEN products are highly qualitative products is also reflected in the rapid growth Verbeek has achieved with these products on the international market. Based on their actual good performance they are received with great enthusiasm.

Healthy mothers and strong and uniform rearing

To realize an optimal result, the breeding- and rearing management are just as important as the genetics. In Zeewolde, an area in the Netherlands with less poultry activities, Verbeek has a modern hatchery since 2011. Here the breeding eggs of the own Parent Stock companies are breeded to quality chicks, according to strict hygiene requirements, optimal air treatment and storage conditions and a continuous monitoring of the breeding process. Part of these chicks is delivered to own rearing companies of Verbeek. During 17 weeks the chicks are trained according to a uniform rearing concept to become a high productive laying hen, which seamlessly matches to the laying farms.

The whole process is under the supervision of Verbeek’s technical specialists. As productivity starts somewhere in the poultry industry, then it's at Verbeek’s Hatchery and Rearing farms.

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