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Grip on healthy poultry

Microfan develops climate and management systems for poultry farms, creating the right climate conditions, guaranteeing animal health and making the agricultural entrepreneur’s life easier. A healthy animal and an entrepreneur with the right focus ensure better operating results, higher levels of wellbeing and lower antibiotics consumption. Microfan feels that this is important and the company want to contribute by developing innovative systems.

Dynamic solutions

Within the worldwide poultry farm sector, further upscaling of operations is expected. The farmer becomes an entrepreneur and is increasingly under societal pressure to deliver healthy animals with the best possible production results, taking into account animal wellbeing and sustainability. Microfan sees it as a challenge to give agricultural entrepreneurs the best insight into technical results at any time, so they can do optimal process steering. To this end, Microfan applies the latest technologies, translating them as effectively and user-friendly as possible.

Client commitment

Microfan’s services are not limited to supplying the systems. The company understands that every stable situation is different. For excellent ventilation, Microfan will also consider appropriate air inlet, air distribution and extraction, for instance. With its versatile expertise and extensive technical know-how, Microfan can appropriately resolve all automation issues. The company is committed and its motivated employees are with you from the concept phase to realisation, and they will guarantee project aftercare. Indeed, Microfan’s customer-driven solutions reach very far!

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