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Grading, packing and processing

Grading machinery

Moba’s grading machinery is roughly divided into two families of equipment: hand packers and automatic graders. The hand packers are known for their reliability and robustness and can handle 1.600 to 4.500 eggs/hour. While the automatic egg grading machines boast a capacity from 20.000 up to 180.000 eggs/hour. Moba egg graders have various options that will expand the possibilities, such as hygiene and detection systems.

Packing machinery 

In order to get the eggs on trays and make them transportable, Moba produces various farm packers, stackers and robots. Because of the wide range of packing machinery, Moba has a fitting solution for every situation.

Processing machinery

Processing includes breaking eggs, filtering, stabilizing, blending, pasteurizing, cooling, freezing, drying and packing. The entire egg-breaking process is focused on bringing out the best possible end product. Moba’s machinery is designed for minimal manual intervention. And the equipment imposes as little mechanical and temperature stress on the products as possible. In addition to egg-breakers Moba also offers  a range of modular factory systems for both whole egg and separation plants.

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