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De Heus
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The Netherlands
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De Heus

Performing feed for poultry farmers

For the best performances in the poultry house, you need the best types of feed. Feed with an excellent growth/feed conversion. A high yield and a low price. And that is exactly where De Heus comes in, with its wide range of products for laying hens and table breeds. De Heus translates its extensive knowledge of nutrition and poultry farming into the best feed formulas. These are tested on experimental farms before production.

Close to farmers

De Heus has been partner to the agricultural sector for four generations. Its roots lie in small-scale milling and that is why the family owned company understands what motivates and concerns farmers - as people, as farmers and as entrepreneurs. De Heus translates this knowledge and experience into tailored advice, business services and products to fit its customers needs. Today De Heus is one of the 16 biggest international animal food distributors. It produces 1.7 million tons of feed per year at 9 different production locations. The company also has (interests in) production locations abroad, in countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Egypt and China.

State-of-the-art nutritional knowledge

De Heus purchases raw materials around the world and processes them into compound feeds with a high yield. To stay ahead of the competition De Heus constantly invests in knowledge. Through intensive collaborations with scientific institutes and its own state-of-the-art laboratories, De Heus continuously performs applied research. This ensures quick application of new knowledge and insights on the efficient conversion of animal feed to animal protein. De Heus does everything within the company’s power to guarantee the reliability and performance of its products.

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