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KSE Process Technology
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5531 AJ Bladel
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KSE Process Technology

Sustainable solutions for the animal feed industry

Founded in 1973, KSE Process Technology has grown into a global player in the field of dosing and weighing systems and automation software for the animal feed, pet food and premix industry. Modular machines and software for custom-made solutions, that is what KSE excels in.

Dosing and weighing technology

KSE is the supplier of ALFRA dosing and weighing systems. This machinery allows animal feed manufacturers to measure every product safely, flexibly and efficiently. The dosing range of an ALFRA machine can vary from 1 gram to 10.000 kilograms. We deliver machines for every step in the manufacturing process: from the intake of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. The purchase of an ALFRA machine is a good long-term investment as the systems usually last up to fifty years.

Automation software

KSE has its years of expertise in the field of production processes in the animal feed industry contained in their PROMAS automation software. This software ensures enormously simplified management, operation and maintenance – both for simple and complex plant layouts. PROMAS software is modular and scalable – from machine control to complete plant automation. Hardware independence and easy to upgrade make this software highly future-proof.

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