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Schothorst Feed Research
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8218 NA Lelystad
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Schothorst Feed Research

Applicable results

The composition of poultry feed requires specialist knowledge. Compound feed companies constantly search for the translation of feed concepts into feed formulas. During this process, SFR supports them. We perform scientific and practically oriented research, with a clear focus on the applicability of the results. 

Competitive poultry feed formulas
It is SFR’s mission to help companies in the poultry sector to be competitive. The secret of SFR’s success? The translation of feed concepts into economically feasible feed formulas. These formulas are entirely adjusted to the availability of raw materials and the capabilities of the specific production environment of SFR’s clients.

Research, training, and consultancy
Motivated employees are a very important factor for success. Employees working in the feed industry need to have a high knowledge level on nutrition. Developments in the feed industry are going fast and insights change continuously. SFR offers courses and training. Because we are the link between science and practice, our training is highly practical applicable. The training is adjusted for different target audiences in livestock production such as feed advisory experts, veterinarians, nutritionists, and purchasers. 

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