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Schothorst Feed Research

Applicable results

The composition of feeds for poultry requires specialist knowledge. Compound feed companies always search for the translation of qualitative feed concepts into quantitative feed formulas. During this process Schothorst Feed Research can support them. The institute undertakes scientific and practically oriented research, with a clear focus on the applicability of the results. Perform studies are conducted in trial poultry houses, to examine assumptions and monitor the results. This way, Schothorst Feed Research can guarantee the reliability and usability of its recommendations.

Competitive poultry feed formulas

Schothorst Feed Research’s mission is to help companies in the poultry sector be competitive. The secret of the institute’s success? The translation of qualitative feed concepts into quantitative, economically feasible feed formulas. These formulas are entirely adjusted to the availability of raw materials and the capabilities of the specific production environment of Schothorst’s clients.

Research, training and consultancy

Besides research and knowlegde Schothorst Feed Research can help its clients in other areas. For instance, the institute provides target-oriented training courses and consultancy for specific questions. Such as: how and with which feed can you get the optimal performance from your birds? Schothorst Feed Research helps you find the right answer and carry out the solution.

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