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Smart veterinarian diagnostics

Veterinarians and veterinary specialists in different countries are familiar with the reliable diagnostic kits developed by BioChek. The company produces 21 different ELISA kits: tests for detecting antibodies or antigens against various diseases common in poultry. Each kit comes with 5 test plates, conjugate, diluent, substrate, wash buffer and positive and negative controls. A reference control is available in addition to this, which allows customers to validate their own results. They also come with a certificate of analysis (not for USA) and a set of instructions. The ELISA tests have excellent specificity and sensitivity, making them ideal for a number of applications.

Strong reputation in customer service

BioChek also sells products for automated diagnostics veterinary laboratories. The BEAR (BioChek ELISA Assay Robot) is a complete solution for customers that run ELISA assays. For easy data management BioChek has developed a comprehensive, user-friendly software package and application. This powerful software package allows users to access data 24/7 and to create both individual and trend reports. BioChek has a strong reputation in service. The technical support ensures the ease of use for laboratories and accurate test results for end users. BioChek, founded in 1997 has a manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom, a USDA licensed facility in the United States, and a commercial head office located in the Netherlands.  

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