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Agraplan Farmaca / Plantema Veterinarian Group
Maalstoel 6
7773 NN Hardenberg
The Netherlands
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Agraplan Farmaca / Plantema Veterinarian Group

Every poultry farmer knows only too well that prevention is better than cure, so they all want to treat their poultry with the best possible way. How should they do this? The Plantema Group represents a world of knowledge in the poultry sector. The poultry specialists of the group focus on the prevention of diseases and conditions. This begins with proper daily care and optimal assistance by experienced vets.

Plantema Veterinary Centre

Plantema Veterinary Centre is an independent veterinary practice with its own dissection hall and laboratory. The practice has decades of experience in poultry medicine and works with a team that includes renowned poultry veterinarians and analysts. Using dissection, bacteriological and serological examination, Plantema Veterinary Centre is prepared to guide the poultry farmer through illnesses, diseases and the daily care of the animals. For problems of a zootechnical nature, the practice has a partnership with specialists in that field.

Agraplan Farmaca and Medpharma

Agraplan Farmaca develops supplemental animal feeds for drinking water medication. Through research and practical experience, Agraplan Farmaca has succeeded in developing a wide range of natural veterinary medicines and liquid animal feeds. These products are made and distributed by the company itself. Medpharma, the third company of the holding, acts as a global pharmacy for ingredients and veterinary medicines. It can directly provide poultry farmers and veterinarians with any vaccine and medicine at competitive prices.

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