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The hatchery as the foundation for optimum return


Superior chick quality is the result of a balanced and uniform incubation process. The first 21 days are determining for the growth potential of the animals in the weeks that follow. HatchTech has created an innovative technique that optimises the conditions of this crucial period. The secret lies in a totally regulated airstream for the incubator. Thanks this newly conceived method, the air is efficiently guided through all sections of the incubator so that all eggs are reached. The result is an optimal and constant temperature of the embryo that therefor can grow to a maximum. And every extra cm of growth – of hundreds of thousands to millions of chicks – means more weight and therefore an interesting increase in returns. Scientific studies and continuous measurements show this for a fact.

Total installations for hatcheries
The innovative incubators are only the core of the total solutions that HatchTech can offer. The company also delivers the entire equipment for hatcheries, with the exception of the building. Everything is custom made: incubators, the cold and hot water system, ventilation, lighting, doors and panels. For this reason HatchTech is also a valuable partner for international clients. Local agents giving advice and guidance, in close cooperation with the After Sales department of HatchTech.

HatchTech has two sister companies: One-O-Four (transport solutions) and HatchBrood (innovative accommodation solutions for the breeding period).

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