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Jadis Additiva
Schie 38
3111 PN Schiedam
The Netherlands
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Jadis Additiva

Put your feed in balance

Jadis Additiva supplies a wide range of safe mixed feed additives and services in Europe. Its products include vitamins, dry and liquid minerals, pigments, acids, antioxidants and mycotoxin binders, premixes, feeds and hygiene products for use in the shed. Exemples of products for the poultry sector are: Acid Buf and SeaCal, both used for eggshell and feed intake improvement, based on minerals and seaweed harvested off the Icelandic coast. Or Sangrovit, a product of purely vegetable origin which enhances the growth, the meat quality and the performance of animals. In addition to additives and hygiene products Jadis Additiva provides different aids for mixing process optimization.

Safety and quality

Animal feeds and additives are important components of the animal production chain. They influence the quality and safety of food products of animal origin. Therefore the Jadis Additiva quality system is regularly checked by external audits. For the same reason Jadis staff undergo regular training, so that clients can fully profit from the high-value products and services.

Customer focused

Jadis Additiva greatest source of inspiration are its clients. The company prefers close contact to inform and inspire poultry farmers in the best way possible. By focusing primarily on customers, Jadis Additiva tries to guarantee the company’s continuity and offer clients interesting advantages. For Jadis quality takes top priority. The company is GMP+ and SKAL-certified and has a department dedicated to quality management.

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