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Van Eck Industrial Hygiene
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Van Eck Industrial Hygiene

More than just cleaning

More than just disinfection

Van Eck Bedrijfshygiene go’s further than just the disinfection of a poultry house, the company guarantees a healthy environment for the animals during the entire productioncyclus. Van Eck is active in pest control, such as the control of vermin or red mites. The methods are effective and environmentally friendly. Some examples: Thermo Kill (heating of the poultryhouse to kill  red mites in all life stages), Silica-VE,  Outbreak Management, and disinfection programs to control various Salmonella’s.

Disinfection and quality programs

The prevention of pests, vermin’s and micro-organisms is a daily job for Van Eck Bedrijfshygiene. Van Eck has developed various methods to effectively combat microorganisms present in the stable.   Together with the customer Van Eck creates a custom made program designed to effectively control the specific microorganism.

Prevention and control

The impact of hygiene on animal health and food safety is continuously increasing. A high level of  hygiene not only consists out of disinfection and pest control, but more importantly the prevention. Van Eck Bedrijfshygiene tries to anticipate on problems with researches to innovative solutions. The company uses this knowledge to make clients aware of potential dangers and the way to prevent them.

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