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De Gier Drive Systems
Westlandseweg 9
2291 PG Wateringen
The Netherlands
+31 174-292089

De Gier Drive Systems

Let’s Gear Up !

De Gier Drive Systems, established in 1954, is one of the world's leading Dutch companies in drive systems for international horticulture, intensive livestock farming, crop storage and non-residential facilities. Our drive solutions are used in the intensive livestock market for ventilation, hoisting and nest expel systems. Besides our HQ in The Netherlands, where you can find our R&D and Production, we have subsidiaries in Spain and Mexico. We work with our customers, partners and suppliers to develop innovative, sustainable and user-friendly solutions. We invest in long-term relationships and global partners. We actively contribute to our customers' endeavours and we always provide a suitable solution. We do this based on mutual trust and flexibility.

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