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Dorset Green Machines
Weverij 26
7122 MS  Aalten
The Netherlands
+31 (0)543 472103
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Dorset Green Machines

Adding value by drying poultry manure

Dorset Green Machines focuses on commercially attractive solutions for treatment of biomass waste products, using available residual heat. Dorset’s conveyor belt drying system uses stable air to dry fresh poultry manure. Because the nitrogen content of the manure is contained during the drying process, the dried manure is a valuable organic fertilizer. Having less fresh manure in and around the poultry houses results in reduced storage costs and improves working conditions, neighbourhood relations and it saves the environment

Pelletizing plants and pyrolysis plants

Dorset manufactures complete pelletizing plants in plug-and-play container solutions. Pelletizing makes the dried product more marketable and significantly decreases the volume, which results in new export possibilities and lower transport and storage costs. A more recent product developed by Dorset is the pyrolysis plant, which turns dried (pelletized) manure into 50% oil & gas and 50% ashes. The oil and gas provide fuel for creating green energy through combustion. The ashes can be used or sold as a concentrated organic fertiliser. 

Experienced partner

Dorset is founded at Aalten in 1984. Its main production facilities and engineering department are still located in The Netherlands. The sales and service departments are spread through various locations across Europe and the United States in order to be close to the customers. With over 300 installations running, Dorset is one of the most experienced dryer manufacturing companies in the world. 

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