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Optimising production with sophisticated lighting and heating

With about 20 people in its employment, Gasolec is a relatively minor player. However, in spite of its size, it is the global market leader in the field of lighting and heating systems for poultry farming. The company has been in existence since 1955, starting in Vlaardingen and having been headquartered in Bodegraven since 1998. Gasolec is active in two markets:

- Heating by means of gas-fired infrared heaters. These are used in raising chicks, which initially requires a temperature of 34 degrees at ground level. Radiation is an effective way of heating in this process.

- Lighting by means of the monochromatic Orion system, which entails a type of low energy light bulb emitting green or blue light. Continuous green and blue light stimulates meat production of broilers and turkeys. After ten days, the green light is turned off. They know the way by then; lower intensity is required because they do have to grow. The blue light specifically stimulates meat production. Blue light can stimulate or slow down mating in the egg laying sector. A few days of blue light prevents cannibalism. This is cheaper than medication. However, the light cannot shine continuously because that would slow down egg production. By fine tuning the different types of light, production of both meat and eggs can be maximised.

The production of Gasolec lights and heaters is almost completely sold abroad. Only 0.25% is destined for sales in the Netherlands. Gasolec?s clients are pen inventory suppliers, who in turn supply (Eastern) Europe, Asia and America. Gasolec has clients in 50-60 countries.

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