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VDL Jansen
Harselaarseweg 32
3771 MB Barneveld
The Netherlands
+31(0)342 427000
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VDL Jansen

Top quality poultry houses

Poultry performs better in a healthy environment. Reduced feed loss, lower mortality and optimal use of the space all have positive effects on productivity. These strong points characterize the products of VDL Jansen. Established in 1986 as Jansen Poultry Equipment and since 2020 part of VDL Groep. VDL Jansen is located in Barneveld and operates in four segments: systems for breeders, broilers and layers, plus systems for the processing of poultry manure. The systems for the breeder sector are designed to help produce a maximum number of eggs with a high hatching percentage. Hygiene, nest acceptance and careful handling are primary factors for good production.

Improved productivity

The systems for the laying sector are aligned for maximum egg production and the maintenance of the egg quality during the collection, transport and packaging. Whereas the broiler industry can benefit from the BroMaxx colony system and various collection methods that contribute to an efficient and labor-saving production process. The fourth product group of VDL Jansen focuses on emission reduction. Besides heat exchangers and air scrubbers, the company produces manure drying systems that reduce moisture levels and thereby the weight of the manure by up to 60%. With lower transport costs as a result.

Best possible production conditions

For all systems made by VDL Jansen, the primary focus is the productivity of poultry. Compromises are never made by the company that always puts quality and reliability first. The systems are based on many years of experience and systematic studies. Also, all VDL Jansen products meet national and international standards. As each poultry farm has unique circumstances, all housing system are adjusted to get the best results for each customer. That is why the poultry farmers across the world see VDL Jansen as a strong partner, that delivers improved performance of productivity for the long term.

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