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ONCE / Signify
High Tech Campus 7
5656 AE Eindhoven
The Netherlands

ONCE / Signify

ONCE is part of Signify – formerly known as Philips lighting. We have a deep understanding of lighting for animals based on years of rigorous research and development, intense collaboration with leading research institutes, and close cooperation with valued customers. We offer best-in-class lighting solutions, with scientifically proven light recipes that mimic the quality and dynamic patterns of natural daylight. By prioritizing animal health and welfare, we strive towards a sustainable future, and increase animal productivity.

The future of animal farming

As the thought leader in the industry, we believe dynamic lighting is the future of animal farming. And the future is here today.

ONCE dynamic lighting systems are highly flexible and controllable. They let you create the exact conditions needed for your specific animals. Every minute. Every day. Every season. For every breed.

With our dynamic lighting systems, light is a powerful tool. We stimulate ideal hormonal activities and biological patterns for your animals, creating physiological and biological results that improve animal welfare and achieve high farm production.

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