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Scan-Air BV
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The Netherlands
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Scan-Air BV

Professionals in fresh air

The inlet valves of Scan-Air are household name in the Dutch agricultural sector. Unique selling-point is that Scan-Air offers customization. For each stable this ventilation specialist has the appropriate solution. The inlet valves by Scan-Air are made of durable PVC. They have a strong and smooth surface, making them easy to clean and giving them a lower air resistance, which lowers energy costs. Moreover Scan-Air products have a high insulation value, are easy to assemble and can be integrated in a skylight. Through continuous innovation Scan-Air's products are responsive to regulations and animal welfare needs.

Perfect stable climate

Scan-Air has the ideal ventilation system for the accommodation of your broilers, layers, rearing/breeder turkeys or ducks. Why? Because Scan-Air has the best suitable solution for each type of poultry. The experienced staff of Scan-Air will first make a calculation and then build the tailor-made ventilation system. They thereby take into account possible obstacles and good air distribution. This way Scan-Air creates an environment for healthy and productive poultry.

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