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Machines with added value


Foodmate, founded in 2006, has positioned itself in a short and intensive period as a leading player in the international poultry processing equipment manufacturing industry. Foodmate mainly focuses on developing efficient and cost-efficient cut-up and deboning solutions. The Foodmate deboning systems are distinguished by their innovative technology, sustainability, cost savings and higher yields. These two systems are part of Foodmate's much broader range for poultry processing equipment, which also includes machines for slaughter, plucking, cooling, weighing and other applications.


Foodmate manufactures most systems in its own factory in Numansdorp. Although Foodmate is a relatively young company, it now has a team of approximately 250 enthusiastic and passionate employees. The majority of the team has a strong background in the poultry industry and this team is committed to responding to industry trends and is constantly looking for solutions that offer added value for customers. This attitude fits in seamlessly with Foodmate's core goal: to enable customers to achieve the highest efficiency for a fair price.

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