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Total farm control

Fancom offers the tools for efficient daily management of your farm. The company contributes to optimal profitability, taking that extra step to help you create the optimal environment.  Core activities of Fancom include climate control, feed automation and biometrics. All these systems have a control computer, peripheral equipment and are constructed based on expert knowledge of the growth process of animals. The data management solutions by Fancom combines these separate systems to provide the right information at your fingertips when you need it.  

Putting a number on sustainability

Fancom is convinced that sustainable intensification is the only viable option for a future-proof livestock. But this should take place in a responsible manner. Fancom puts the animal at the centre of the equation and gathers as much information as possible. This results in intelligent systems that allow management by exception. Fancom calls this iFarming : the prudent intensification of farms by using modern technology. iFarming is not wishful thinking, it is a reality in daily practice. Growing numbers of poultry farmers are reaping the benefits of this intelligent form of operational management.

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