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Made-to-measure automated processes

Everything counts in poultry processing

Are you looking for advanced automation of your poultry processing processes while improving your end product quality? Achieving higher efficiency and yield, but also cost reduction? Marel’s modular systems are extremely suitable to grow along with your company. Regardless of the desired production capacity and your type of end products, Marel has the most effective, reliable, and profitable solutions for you. Whether you are processing 500 or 15,000 broilers per hour, Marel offers you tailor-made automation for each process step; from live bird supply, anesthetization, plucking, evisceration, cooling, cut-up, deboning, sorting, packing and labeling to convenience food processes.


Marel systems meet the highest quality standards and are known for their high yields, extreme reliability, easy operation and the lowest production costs. A considerable amount of attention is paid to important themes such as animal well-being, traceability, food safety, sustainability and CO2 footprint.

Our innovations set the standards

Marel invests substantially in Research & Development. These projects are often conducted in collaboration with renowned research and scientific institutes, resulting in groundbreaking innovations. Many of these solutions have set new standards in the industry, allowing you to maximize yield, quality and throughput of your products.

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