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AdVee Dierenartsen is an independent veterinary practice located in Heeswijk Dinther, Ysselsteyn,  Erp and Lunteren (all over The Netherlands) and a we have a practice both in Germany and Belgium as well. We take care of cattle (veal calves and both dairy and meat cows), swine and poultry farms throughout the Netherlands, as also in a part of Belgium and in a part of Germany.

A total of 43 veterinarians are now working in either poultry (14 vets),  pigs or cattle.  adVee employs a total of 100 people. Poultry covers the total spectrum: meat parent stock and rearing and  broilers, both regular and slow-growing (concept ). In the laying sector, rearing, of both parent stock and lay  as well as layer farms. And this from organic to colony housing. In addition, turkeys are a part of our focus area. Every poultry veterinarian who is working at adVee has his own specialty: broiler, parent stock,  rearing,  laying or turkey. After all, every (sub)sector is slightly different. In addition to making poultry healthy and preferably keeping them healthy, all kinds of management points are taken into consideration: climate, feed, light (-schedule) etcetera. They all are important in maintaining poultry health. Animal welfare and food safety has always been important and it is getting more and more important. We included this into our advice because we want to give a broad advice for your poultry! adVee is also active in all kinds of comities regarding health, welfare and food safety in The Netherlands.  

AdVee has its own laboratory and a big pharmacy. We give advice and sell vaccines, antibiotics and  also a great scale of vitamins/minerals and other supporting feed additives for swine, poultry, veal and cows.

Our slogan is: “a good advice begins and ends inside the poultry house”. This means that we visit the farms ourselves, and actually look at the flock, including post mortem and  do other diagnostic test (if necessary)  . This has always been, and will be, the basic of our advice.

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