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ETB van de Beek
Rubensstraat 28
3781 VM Voorthuizen
The Netherlands
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ETB van de Beek

Complete installations for poultry farms

Your installation forms the heart of your poultry housing. Your animals need air, water, feed and light on a daily basis. Which is why you need a reliable installation. One that is adapted to your farm management and consequently contributes to your yield. And the better your farm is automated, the more time you have to focus on the growth, health and productivity of your animals. ETB van de Beek can be your partner in this process. The company has the technique, knowledge and it speaks your language. Do you keep laying hens, rearing hens, broiler chickens, grandparent chickens or broiler parent chickens? Will you be opting for batteries, small runs or a deep-litter coop? ETB knows the differences and is aware of the demands your choices will place on your installation.

Good insight is priceless

ETB van de Beek – like you – likes to look beyond the initial investment costs and prefers to calculate the long-term operating costs of the system. New technologies help increase the manageability of the coop. In this process, information from the coop itself is becoming increasingly important. ETB van de Beek provides a management program for this purpose. The software informs poultry farmers daily of matters like production, growth, cost and yield (based on information from the climate, feeding and weighing computers). This insight is priceless.

Custom-focused service, even at a distance

Another example of a modern solution is ETB’s remote management system, which allows the company to log on to your installation from a distance, in order to localise and resolve possible malfunctions. This is characteristic of the proactive attitude ETB has to work and discipline. An approach that suits poultry farmers who think in terms of yield.

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