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V.A.V. Conveyor components and solutions
Lageweg 25
2222 AG Katwijk
The Netherlands
+31 (0)71 4023701
+31 (0)71 4029814

V.A.V. Conveyor components and solutions

“V.A.V. conveyor components and solutions “is supplier of components for conveyors used in the dry bulk handling industry, such as: bucket elevators, chain- and screw conveyors. These conveyors are used in agricultural raw material terminals, feed mill industry, feeding systems but also in waste- or glass recycling plants.

VAV does not only want to be supplier, but prefers to take part in the discussion with our customers how to improve production processes; like increasing capacities in conveyors, optimize lifetime and wear of  the components and of course the price/quality ratio.

As VAV is not representing any trade mark or certain system, it can act independently in offering solutions. Like this, a wide range of possibilities can be considered.

In our industry, break downs has to be prevented. There for VAV keeps large stocks of standard- and semi-finished products, in order to deliver competitive and directly. At the same time we are very well organized with a large number of semi-finished products on stock and a network of partners and manufacturers to provide a quick and solid solution.

Although VAV has grown rapidly over the last years, we are still a “small company”, with a very experienced team of engineers, still able to react quickly on all kinds of questions, and always with the best possible personal attention.  

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