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Professionals in lighting solutions

To obtain good results in poultry farming, a good lighting system in poultry houses is of major importance. HATO BV specialises for over 40 years in lighting for poultry farming and has since then gained important technological expertise. Innovation activities are key to the company, with a high innovation rate as a result. The innovation department of Hato BV employs qualified technicians who represent more than 20% of the total staff.

The importance of good lighting

Due to its long-time experience and strong focus on innovation, Hato BV knows which type of lighting needs to be used for maximum results. In this context energy consumption and animal welfare have always been top priorities. HATO BV can help you make the right choice for your situation within its range of lighting systems. The company offers waterproof and dustproof lighting that will suit any circumstances.

Return on investment

Good lighting is an investment that pays off quickly, through energy savings, reduced maintenance and of course improved performance of the birds. HATO BV will draw up an investment calculation so you know how long it will take your new lighting system to pay off. Factors such as the type of lamps used, their maintenance, egg-laying performance and growth of the animals are taken into account. A positive ROI for the end-users is a key goal for HATO BV. Through constant research and innovation, the company ensures the quality and durability of its products. HATO BV always tries to  perform at the highest level and to keep on improving.

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