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Stienen BE
Mangaanstraat 9
6031 RT Nederweert
The Netherlands
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Stienen BE

Complete oplossingen voor elk bedrijf

The secret of a good housing climate and healthy animals is in controlling the right amount of fresh air entering the housing at the right speed in the right place. Regardless of housing type, outdoor climate or housing system. That is why Stienen BE offers its customers a complete range of solutions : climate computers, ventilators, alarm systems and management software.

Convenience and simplicity

Complex and advanced technologies are behind all systems made by Stienen BE, but they are  convenient and easy to use. The company involves customers in new product development, to create products with a practical orientation. Stienen BE makes sure that its technology constantly fulfils the latest insights in the sector and that it responds to market changes.

Advice, input and customer focus

Poultry farmers are critical entrepreneurs who attach great importance to a problem-free and optimum climate in their animal housing. They often need to focus on lowering costs and improving the health and productivity of their animals. Stienen BE listens to their concerns, wishes and ambitions and gives advice based on its extensive knowledge and experience acquired in practice. As a family business Stienen BE believes in the importance of reliability, technical innovation and long-term investments in customer relationships.

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