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Sustainable solutions for ventilation

TPI-Polytechniek, part of the Danish SP Group A/S, has an extensive range of air inlet valves and ventilation chimneys made from polyurethane. These products are used in ventilation systems for poultry and pork  farms around the world. The inlets, almost all executed with automatic return or opening springs, are available in a range of dimensions making projection possible in practically all house concepts and climate conditions. The same applies to the ventilation chimneys systems that come in many different diameters and components, and are therefore suitable for any desired chimney. Other products of TPI-Polytechniek include light traps and wind hoods.

Innovative and customer-oriented

Innovation is a core value for TPI-Polytechniek. The company adjusts its product range continuously to follow market developments. Therefore the supply of ventilation ducts is often expanded with other components and new diameters for its extract and supply ducts. The active and experienced team of TPI-Polytechniek guarantees fast and adequate sales support. Due to its market-oriented inventory policy, TPI-Polytechniek ensures short delivery times.

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