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TS Group Holland B.V.
Burensedijk 3
4116 GS Buren
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TS Group Holland B.V.

Service worldwide

TS Group Holland not only offers a solution for your capacity issues, but it also promises an optimal realisation of your project with help of the group’s knowledge, experience and creativity in the fields of project management, site management and supervision. The experts of TS Group Holland do follow-ups and fine-tune your climate control systems and they perform electrotechnical and thermographic inspections. Also, the company specialises in sustainable energy technologies like solar power, heat recuperation and LED lighting systems. In short, technologies of the future are embedded in TS Group Holland. In addition to the offered services, the organisation also develops and sells lab equipment for poultry research that are used by laboratories, research institutes, universities, governments and integrations all over the world.

Experienced partner of the poultry sector

The global poultry industry is experiencing a significant increase in scale. The farmer has turned into an entrepreneur or investor. This results in an increasing pressure on the industry to deliver the best healthy animals with the optimal production results. The interests in the world poultry market are big, investments rise up quickly, so it is obvious that the quality of systems, installations and equipment is subject of high demands. The TS Group Holland plays a major role in project validation by offering its know-how and good service to suppliers, integrations, entrepreneurs and investors in the poultry sector, thereby helping them get the maximum result out of their investment.

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