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Watering systems

VAL-CO manufactures complete watering systems for different kinds of poultry. From Feather Action triggers for the smallest chicks to BigTom drinkers for turkeys. A VAL-CO nipple is unique and distinctive because it is a non-leaking nipple. No need for drip cups. The non-leaking nipple has a positive impact on the hygiene in the poultry house and on the health of the birds. The stainless steel parts are manufactured with absolute precision. Also it is possible to install the VAL-CO nipple on existing drinking system. By using adaptors it is possible to convert every drinking system into a VAL-CO system.


Whether you need a complete feeding system or solutions for storage and transport of feed, VAL-CO has an appropriate solution. The FUZE ProLine feeding pan for instance, is available in different sizes and therefore offers multiple options to build the feeding system that best suits your needs. Also the FUZE ProLine feeding pan has an easy adjustable feed level and is easy to clean. Whereas the flat chain feeding system by VAL-CO saves time, labor and feed and is available for suspended and floor applications. VAL-CO offers a wide range of products making it possible to install the perfect feeding system for any type of poultry house.

The origin of the company lies in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania (USA), where the authentic VAL Watering System was developed. All parts are still produced in the USA. Through the years the organization has expanded into VAL-CO Companies, after the aquisition of several specialized companies. Besides manufacturing innovative products, the company is very much focused on delevering a professional and customer oriented service.

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