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Darling Ingredients International
Kanaaldijk Noord 20-21
5691 NM Son en Breugel
The Netherlands
+31 (0)499-364 800

Darling Ingredients International

Improvement by nature

Darling Ingredients Inc. is a supplier of high-value proteins, fats, minerals and by-products of animal origin. These ingredients are used in food, feed for agricultural animals, pharmaceuticals, pet food, fertilisers and technical applications. All raw materials derive from animals that are suitable for human consumption.

Partnerships with customers

Darling Ingredients Inc. has a global presence, with production units in Europe and Asia, and subsidiaries in France, Germany, Spain and Italy. But the company’s main focus is the European market. By offering partnerships in R&D and product development, Darling Ingredients Inc. strives to forge long-term business relationships with its customers.

High-value ingredients

The fat products supplied by Darling Ingredients Inc. are important energy providers and an essential component of good animal feed. Animal fat is versatile in use because of its nutritional value and technical characteristics. The same applies to protein products. These are essential for the structering and maintenance of the body. Animal protein is easiest to absorb, as it consists of the amino acids needed by people and animals. Animal protein therefore has many applications in chicken feed.

Animal minerals

Minerals improve resistance levels and ensure strong bones and good functioning of the muscles and nervous system. As opposed to minerals sourced from quarrying, the animal minerals supplied by Darling Ingredients Inc. are part of a sustainable cycle, as phosphate is reused.

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