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Elburg Foods
J.B. Broekhovenstraat 6
8081 HC Elburg
The Netherlands
+31 (0)525 690009
+31 (0)525 690030

Elburg Foods

High-quality convenience chicken products

With quality raw materials Elburg Foods produces delicious specialties with short preparation times, such as Nuggets, Corn Sticks, Burgers and Wings. Elburg Foods delivers this assortment of freshly frozen convenience food to customers in the wholesale, food service and fast food chains. Because of its compact organization size, Elburg can respond with flexibility to the needs of its customers. Exactly according to customer specifications, under a private label or as one of the proper Elburg Foods brands.

Quality assured

Only high quality and fully traceable meat qualifies as a raw material. Elburg Foods carefully selects its suppliers. The company submits raw materials, products and production processes to strict inspections by certified independent laboratories and external research institutes. Elburg’s employees work according to a strict quality program that include HACCP, BRC grade A+, Halal, IFS and SQMS of McDonald's. A new, modern data management system provides all the relevant data and information with the push of a button.

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