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Inventive concepts in animal feed

Since the early 1930s Provimi has occupied an important international position in the animal feed industry. Provimi made its name as a pioneer in the field of formulas and feeding programs that are tailored to the local needs of customers. Today, Provimi specializes in premixes, concentrates and specialty products for all animal groups. These are produced in Provimi’s proper factory in Rotterdam, before they are delivered to clients in the mixed feed industry, traders and farmers in more than 100 countries.

Proactive and customer focused

The key to Provimi’s succes is its rapid response to new developments and trends in the market. Research is the foundation of the company's strategy to maintain global market leadership and further expand. The activities of the company contribute to the increase of quality, safety and animal welfare in the agribusiness. Provimi also provides technical advice and invests a great deal of time and resources in improving the results of its clients.

Customized premixes and concentrates

In poultry  Provimi wants to be a true partner for its clients by working with concepts. The company presents an optimal feeding program for each partner, be it a mixed feed company, an integration or self mixer. The premixes and concentrates of Provimi are custom-made and therefore always fit the local conditions. The products can be combined with ProGress (Provimi’s Prestarter) or with additives such as Biacid (natural alternative for AGPs) and ProviMax (for laying persistency and egg-shell quality).

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