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House of Raeford Farms celebrates Pas Reform hatchery

House of Raeford Farms celebrated the grand opening of its new, state-of-the-art chicken hatchery with a ribbon cutting ceremony today. The new 63,000-square-foot facility features advanced technology designed for optimum production efficiency, and is fully automated to allow for the highest levels of biosecurity, quality control and operational analytics. This level of control produces a very tight hatch window, and provides assurance of consistently healthy chicks.

 “It has been a pleasure to partner with NatureForm and Pas Reform to bring this new hatchery to life. After seeing firsthand the quality and consistency of the new chicks produced using this new technology, we had no doubt that this was the best route to innovating incubation for our company,” said Bob Johnson, House of Raeford president and CEO. “House of Raeford Farms is deeply committed to our communities, to our growers and to producing the highest quality products. Quality starts with healthy chicks. This advanced operation provides yet another layer of quality assurance.” Temperature, static pressure, and humidity are centrally controlled throughout the building to keep eggs and embryos in perfect condition. 

“This collaboration with House of Raeford is a perfect example on how to jointly execute a state of-the-art hatchery with all the latest that a hatchery can hold in terms of single stage incubation, advanced climate control and hatchery automation,” said Bouke Hamminga, director of sales and business development for Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies. “We are proud of the final product, a one-of-a-kind U.S. hatchery, created as a result of this collaborative new venture.”

House of Raeford currently works with more than 85 contract growers to produce more than 40 million chickens each year. The new facility, set to officially open June 22, is expected to produce more than one million birds per week.“We greatly appreciate House of Raeford’s $16 million investment to construct and operate one of the most technologically advanced hatcheries in North America right here in Aiken County,” said Will Williams, president and CEO of the Economic Development Partnership in Aiken, Edgefield and Saluda counties. “This investment will provide the county with more than $200,000 in new property tax revenue the first year of operation, and nearly $3 million in revenue for Aiken County over a 20-year period.”


MSD Animal Health hosts Poultry congress Romania

MSD Animal Health hosts Poultry congress Romania

MSD Animal Health hosted a European High Quality Poultry Congress in Bucharest, Romania April 21-22, 2016. The event highlighted MSD Animal Health’s ongoing commitment to poultry producers, bringing together a wide range of experts to discuss the latest advances in production and management across the poultry industry to ensure success by improving health, productivity and the well-being of flocks.

More than 160 delegates from across Europe attended the two-day congress. Day 1 focused on flock protection which included informative presentations about the economic impact observed when flocks are protected from disease, the importance of vaccines and convenient application and diagnostic options to ensure proper health.

Attendees also learned about the importance of managing intestinal health for the broiler breeder, specifically coccidiosis. MSD Animal Health experts discussed the great importance of managing vaccine application, field cycling, and the investments the company was making to ensure supply would be available to meet the growing customer demand for these vital vaccines.

During day 2, attendees were able to hear practical tips for managing a high performing vaccination program, followed by presentations demonstrating the superior performance of the company’s poultry vaccines versus inactivated IB vaccines and new equipment available to customers that will make vaccination easier and more affordable. Customers were excited and engaged to learn more about the benefits to keeping healthy flocks throughout the meeting.

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VIV MEA 2016 Show Review

VIV MEA 2016 Show Review

VIV MEA has far exceeded expectations in its first edition as the new regional trade fair from VIV worldwide to serve the poultry, dairy and aquaculture industries from the Middle East and Africa to Turkey, Iran and the countries of South-Central Asia. Held in the United Arab Emirates from 15 – 17 February 2016, the inaugural VIV MEA recorded an audited total of 6,243 visits by people from 109 countries to meet exhibitors from more than 279 companies at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

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High quality and outstanding attendance
VIV worldwide manager Ruwan Berculo of organizer VNU Exhibitions says: “When we announced the launch of VIV MEA we said we expected the first show to have approximately 200 exhibitors from all parts of the world, presenting their products and services to about 4,000 of the region’s top decision-makers and buyers. We have been proved right about the global origins of the exhibiting companies and about the high quality of the visitors, but the size of the attendance has been much more than we could ask for an event making its debut. This also shows in the high preliminary satisfactory rates: visitors score VIV MEA 2016 with an 7.8 and exhibitors rate the show with an 8.

“It has been a major vote of confidence from the people of the animal protein industries in the region, who have quite clearly welcomed VIV MEA with great pride as a regional show that has also instantly become a major international hub. Despite the political instability and turbulence in some areas of the Middle East and the current economic uncertainties in the region caused by low oil prices, the leading food producers have demonstrated by their attendance in Abu Dhabi that they remain determined to look ahead and inform themselves about the latest innovative and advanced techniques from around the world.

“In addition, the undoubted success of VIV MEA is a testament to the family feeling between the industry, our organization and the buyers and sellers of the business internationally that we have all joined hands together in creating such an important new event.”

Excellent international spread
Approximately 80% of visitors came from outside the UAE, Berculo reports. They represented an excellent spread of countries covering the Middle East, considerable parts of Africa and locations in and around India. Numbers from individual countries in the northern areas of the African continent were especially strong for places such Egypt, Sudan and Nigeria. Of course, many other visitors arrived at the UAE venue for the show from the neighbouring Gulf states and Saudi Arabia.

“Almost all of the countries in the Middle East and North Africa already hold their own local show on agriculture or animal production, yet VIV MEA 2016 has managed to attract business leaders from throughout the region because of its special mix of global suppliers, innovation and information,” Ruwan Berculo comments. “The success of our show was helped further by having an accompanying conference programme of a considerably higher quality than would be found normally at more local events.

“It gained, too, from being co-located at the ADNEC exhibition centre with the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture. Visitors from both sides took the opportunity to look at the co-located events, as a way of adding even more value to their time spent in Abu Dhabi. These visits are in addition to the 6,243 original VIV MEA visits.

“Another extremely positive aspect for the first VIV MEA has been that its timing has coincided with the recent opening of more flexible international trading relationships with Iran. We were visited by several hundred Iranian poultry and feed producers who confirmed that the new business environment means they will want to invest and grow.”

Future plans
VIV MEA delivered fully on its promise to be a niche animal proteins event for all industry leaders with a strong emphasis on poultry meat and eggs, but also offering an extended coverage into dairy milk production and aquatic farming. Visitors and exhibitors have already suggested how future editions of the event might be enlarged, such as by having an increased focus on the added-value downstream areas of further processing, marketing, branding and product safety.

“VIV MEA returns in early February of 2018,” Berculo confirms. “As a consequence, we now have an excellent show to alternate with VIV Asia in Bangkok as a regional hub platform taking place every two years.” 

Source: VIV worldwide/press

Pas Reform - Kuzbasskiy Broiler 3rd phase of Smart expansion

Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies - press release - April 30, 2015

Kuzbasskiy Broiler Group, part of Volcov A.P., has achieved remarkable growth in less than five years, to expand from small-scale production to become a modern meat processing company with more than treble its original output. The company meets all European security and quality requirements, setting a prime example of smart investment not only in its own business, but also for modern agribusiness development in the Kemerovo region. Both the company’s Novosafonovskaya and Plotnikovskaya poultry farms are modern, well-equipped facilities that have created employment for more than 1000 people.

Owner Anatoly Volcov says such outstanding results have been made possible by adopting innovative, future-focused technologies such as Pas Reform’s market-leading Smart incubation system, observing strict standards of hygiene and biosecurity and the work of well-trained personnel. “Quality is our best card,” he says, “The trademark “Kuzbasskiy broiler” is well-known and liked by customers and has delivered steady growth since we launched our own retail operations in 2010. “Our retail channel is now being further expanded, with the launch of our first franchised operations in Novosibirsk city, in January of this year.”

Last year, Novosafonovskaya poultry farm expanded its hatchery operations by 10 million eggs per year, completing the third phase of Kuzbasskiy’s plans to meet the growing market demand. The company’s collaboration with Pas Reform began in 2008, with the purchase, installation and commissioning of Smart single-stage equipment, climate control and hatchery automation systems to produce the first 9mln. hatching eggs per  year. In subsequent years, phase two expansion added a further 11 mln eggs capacity and in its third and final phase, 10 mln. additional hatching egg capacity has been created. Mr. Volcov concludes: “Pas Reform has proved to be an excellent partner for the realization of our plans.

“Smart hatchery planning by the project team from the very beginning has built-in the capacity for all three phases of our expansion, without the need for further significant investments into the hatchery buildings.”

Successful VIV Asia 2015

VIV Asia 2015 has been very successful for many of the Dutch Poultry Centre Preferred Partners. The visitors represented every segment of animal protein production and processing. According to the organiser's post show press release, the event demonstrated conclusively that it has become unrivalled as the reference point for people from throughout the region to meet in order to develop their business knowledge and contacts.


Must-attend event

“VIV Asia 2015 has exceeded our expectations,” exclaims show manager Ruwan Berculo. “We wanted it to be a show that was relevant to everyone in Asia and also to the milk, aquaculture, meat and egg businesses as well as its established theme of feed to meat. This was most definitely achieved, and at the same time the show has been bigger again. “We thought that the industry would do well to have about the same number of visitors as in 2013, but in fact we welcomed more than 38,000 people during the three days of the fair. To see the attendance rising by more than 15% has been extraordinary. “The key point in my opinion is that VIV Asia is now definitely established as the essential meeting place for people from throughout Asia who are seriously involved in producing and processing animal proteins. Everyone in the business realises they must attend because they know that their competitors and colleagues will be here. They also recognise that it is the place to come in order to be well informed about techniques and markets as well as about innovations and international suppliers.”


Poultry and eggs

Poultry’s importance in the VIV Asia profile has been underlined again in 2015, with the major growth in Asian attendance originating from countries that have a strong interest in producing chickens and eggs. For the egg industry, it was further enhanced by the decision of the International Egg Commission to hold its Asian leadership forum in Bangkok immediately before the show. Where the two-day forum had been expected to attract about 35 participants, in fact 110 industry leaders were present --- and the intention now is to repeat the IEC event alongside VIV Asia again in 2017. Berculo gives credit, too, to the role played by various partner organisations in helping to arrange special events for each of the animal protein segments. The poultry segment partners were Poultry International from Watt Global Media with the Dutch Poultry Centre and the Netherlands government’s Ministry of Economic Affairs. 

High ratings

“From our point of view as the show’s organisers,” Ruwan adds, “the most gratifying part of all has been that our exhibitors and visitors liked VIV Asia 2015. During the show we asked people to rate their experience of it on a scale of 1 to 10, with higher meaning better. For the exhibitors the average rating was 8.0, which is a very good result. But the visitors rated this year’s VIV Asia even more highly, they gave it a score of 8.5. “Their vote is especially appreciated, given the fact that accommodating the increased number of exhibitors on the BITEC showground in Bangkok had been quite challenging for us. The stands for the show were spread over several halls, including a temporary one, and on two levels. I can promise that here will be a much easier layout on the completely redeveloped showground by the time VIV Asia returns there in March 2017.”

The Netherlands  - Official Partner Country

For VIV Asia 2015 the “Official Partner Country-initiative” was introduced. The Netherlands were the first in what hopefully becomes an impressive range of partner countries over the coming editions. Two Dutch pavilions, a Dutch Innovation seminar and several networking events resulted in a significant boost of trade relations between Asian and Dutch animal protein professionals. The Dutch Innovation Seminar was supported by the Dutch Poultry Centre, branch organization with almost 90 member companies representing the Dutch poultry industry. The Major of the City of Rotterdam, Mr Ahmed Aboutaleb, opened the seminar and made a guided tour on the exhibition floor where he visited a number of Dutch exhibitors.


Facts and figures

This 12th edition of VIV Asia had 874 exhibitors compared with 770 at the previous event in 2013. The companies present this year included 178 who were exhibiting for the first time. Visitor numbers over the three days of the March 2015 show reached 38,425, representing an increase of 15.6% from the 33,229 visiting in 2013. From registration details about visitors’ region of origin, double-digit percentage increases were recorded for the number of people visiting from Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa, North and South America and Western Europe. Foreign visitors from outside the show’s home country of Thailand rose by 18.2% to 25,302. In total, this year’s show in Bangkok was visited by people from 124 countries. Thailand itself was among 15 Asian nations sending more visitors to VIV Asia in 2015, with the region’s largest increases coming from Cambodia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and China. 

Click here for the VIV Asia 2015 Digital Review, pictures, videos and presentations.

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